10 Awesome Lipstick Hacks You Have Never Heard Before!!!!!

Hello Style Bunnies 🙂

Today I am sharing ways to make the most out of your amazing lip shades. Let’s roll then!

Make Your Lip Colour Last Longer : A major concern for most of you, am I right? Well, fix it in micro-seconds. Just try blotting your lips after first application so that extra oil gets removed. This way, the second coat grips better and doesn’t fade off your lips as quickly.



Looking For That ‘Perfect’ Red For Your Skin Tone ? Red is hot! Like seriously. I absolutely love it and that’s why, have this mantra for all tones. If you’re fair, opt for a blue-based red; if you’re medium toned, go for an orange-y red and if you’re towards the darker tone, try grabbing one burgundy red. Take a note ladies, this would definitely work for that killer pout!



Perfect Your Cupid’s Bow : Yes. This matters. And how! Just draw a small “X” with a lip pencil on the center of your upper lip. Then, fully line your lips and fill in the rest of your lips with matching lipstick. There you are, ready with a kiss of love!



That Amazing Nude Shade : Shun your doubts (if any) about trying the basic minimal look. When choosing a nude lip colour, go for one that is one shade darker than your skin tone. If you’re fair-skinned, try a nude with a hint of pink in it, for wheatish complexion, go with a nude that has orange undertones and divas with dusky skin tone, can opt for chocolate or rosy brown with a hint of shimmer, or caramel brown that can counteract redness.



Turn Any Lipstick Into Long-Wearing Version : This is quick and cool. Just get your hands on a translucent powder. Now, apply your lip colour, then hold a tissue over your mouth and dust translucent powder over it. A small amount of the powder through tissue will help locking the lip colour…there and then. All intact for long!



Repurpose Broken Eye Shadow as a Lip Colour : If your favorite shadow crumbles and it’s a color you won’t mind wearing on your lips, then your are super lucky! Just store the broken pieces and mix them with some lip balm/ petroleum jelly on a spoon. Once through, you can apply the mix with the help of a lip brush. Easy, isn’t it?



Use Your Favourite Pink Lipstick as a Blush : Choose your favourite shade of pink and apply gently on cheeks. Just make sure you blend it in upward strokes with your finger like you would do with any cream blush. That is it. Rock in pink!



Exfoliate Dry Lips For a Smoother Lipstick Application : Nothing looks good on chapped, dry or darker lips. Use a baby toothbrush or a clean, disposable mascara wand and just apply a balm over your lips. Now try soft strokes to remove any flaky skin.



Make Your Lips Appear Larger : You can apply one shade of lipstick over your entire mouth and then a shade lighter from the same colour family in the center portion of your lips. This would make them appear fuller. Do try!



Store Your Lipstick In a Cooler Place : When it’s warm, choose to keep your lipsticks in the fridge to keep them from melting and make them last longer.



That was my quick view on keeping your treasure safe. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Look forward to a perky feedback from you, girls!

Drop in some comments and yeah…dare you forget to pout!


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Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!


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