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It is often deemed inappropriate to wear a lot of makeup to office, and for someone like me who loves makeup, it is offensive and offense has been taken already. Repeatedly, I find myself consoling friends who are into corporate and other sectors, that it is easy to wear multiple products at one time without looking overwhelming; and mostly, they disagree because, well, everyone thinks wearing makeup is equivalent to looking over the top.


Today I am going to share 3 different makeup looks that can be teamed with pretty much any professional outfit and will make you look flawless as ever, ladies!

Look 1 : Nude Makeup!

Probably Definitely, one of the most loved look these days! The trick is to use neutral shades that compliment your skin tone. If you’re someone who has lighter skin tone, then neutral shades with a hint of pink or peach will compliment you more, and if you’re on medium/ darker tone, then go for neutrals with brown undertones. Neutrals basically work on one and all. Define your lids with champagne eye shadow, soft brown in socket, mild contouring, peachy cheeks, highlighted face and a nude lipstick. One of the most important aspects of this look is flawless base.



Look 2 : Pop that colour!

Often people believe that bold lipsticks aren’t work appropriate. And here’s what I have to say about it – N to the O, it’s a NO! Nothing could be more charming than a crisp black eyeliner with a bold lipstick at work. It makes you look awake, presentable, and extremely charming… and who says NO to these qualities? Well, not me at least. So, ladies grab a bold lipstick and rock it like nobody’s business.



Look 3 : Smoke it Up!

Another common belief, smokey eyes are only meant for nightouts or parties. CLICHE! Smokey eyes aren’t restricted to a Friday night or Saturday party; you can wear them to work as well without feeling apologetic. Simply switch to a medium shade brown and don’t make it as intense. You can either pair it with perky pink lips or coral hues. That is it.
Three stunning work-fab looks to amp up your spirit as you type your way to success. I hope that solves your work-makeup woes!


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Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!


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