How To Do EYE MAKEUP Correctly………

How many of us spend hours on looking at makeup tutorials on how to do eye makeup on YouTube? But as much as we enjoy looking at them, do we actually understand where what is supposed to be applied? This article should help you in understanding how & where eye shadow needs to be placed.

So here are some simple techniques on how to do eye makeup correctly….


A good thing to remember is that light & shimmery colors ‘push forward’ a feature by highlighting or adding a ‘pop’ & dark colors ‘push back’ by adding depth and dimension. This should help you decide where a certain color should be placed on the eye.

For example:- If you don’t have a very prominent crease (outer crease shown in above figure), you should apply a matte dark color just there to create an illusion of depth. To make things simpler, I have divided the eye into 9 parts for you to understand better:-

  1. Inner Lid
  2. Middle of Lid
  3. Outer Lid
  4. Outer Crease
  5. Above Crease
  6. Brow/ Highlight area
  7. Lower Waterline
  8. Outer Lower lash line
  9. Inner Lower lash line

Inner Lid: This is the area where a color lighter than your skin tone is generally placed. The texture could me matte or shimmery. People who have close set eyes should strictly follow using a light color in the inner corner as this would make them seem apart.

Middle of Lid: For an easy application, use one colour all the way across. You can also use a light colour on the inner half of your lid and a darker colour on the outer half. This will add dimension to your eyes and can make them appear larger.

Outer Lid: When applying color here, you’ll start at the outer corner of your eye and create a V up and into your crease. Applying a dark eye shadow to your outer lid creates a smokey eye and adds depth to that area.

Outer Crease: If you look down into a mirror while keeping your head straight, your crease is the indentation right above your lid. Applying color here adds dimension to the overall look you’re going for.

Above Crease: Directly above of your outer crease is your above crease or brow bone. Any colour can be used here but I prefer to use one that is closest to the colour of my skin tone. This allows your brow highlight to pop and your crease colours to blend better. Any eye shadow applied on the lid, crease and brow bone should look like a gradation of colour. To achieve this you should blend with a fluffy dome shaped brush.

Brow/Highlight area:  Your brow bone highlight should be applied just below your brow. You can use any light-coloured eyeshadow, preferably gold or silver that you feel works with the look you’re trying to achieve. A shimmery highlight would really make the brow bone prominent & would look great in pictures.

Lower waterline: This is the area inside the eye where we apply kajal. To brighten your eyes use a white or creamy eyeliner. To achieve a smokey eye, wear kajal in the waterline & smudge it just below to the lower lash line with a pencil brush.

Outer Lower Lash Line: The bottom lash line is the lower portion of your eye where the lashes begin. Thicken the color you place here for a smokey look.

Inner Lower Lash Line: The tear duct area or the inner corner of the lower lash line is the place where you can apply a light shimmery eye shadow. What this does is that it attracts light and adds a lovely pop to the eyes making them appear larger. Great tip for women with small eyes.



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