Makeup Trends For FALL 2015…………

Hello style Bunnies 🙂

Fashion week isn’t all about clothes and shoes, it also sets in the makeup trends for the season. Though most of these looks are created best to go with their clothing-line up, there are various looks we could even be inspired from and use in our day to day makeup routine!

So go ahead and never be shy to experiment with these looks to create your own fall 2015 trend.

Flushed by Blush:

Enough with the contouring and sculpting, it’s time for a more natural flushed look. Rosy and peachy cheeks are back this season. It’s simpler and definitely more fun. So get those cheeks blushing with Cheeky Glow.

j lo oscras 2015


fine lines

Graphic Liner:

This liner is passe! It’s time for something more dramatic. Get those graphic eyes and show off your liner skills. You can try Colossal Liner to achieve these looks with its flexi tip applicator for ease of use.

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Flaming Red Lips:

There’s nothing revolutionary about red lipsticks, they’ve been around for ages and will be here forever! So find your lifelong red shade that will always be by your side through thick and thin.

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Bold Berry Lips:

While red is a constant, an addition to the lust-worthy colors would be the different shades of Berry. From purples to mauves to lilac, everything between pink and purple is a must try this season!




Bare Face Look:

No better look than a no-makeup look! That seems to be the mantra for 2015. Models were seen sporting a very minimalistic and natural look. This is definitely something we need to try, considering our harsh weather conditions where your makeup tends to run. So dare to dream with The Nudes palette.




Sculpted Brows:

Dolce and Gabanna took sculpted brows to a new level at their show this fall. Soft and gentle but highly sculpted brows are in this season. These brows will give your face a much sharper look.




Sparkly Accents:

From crystal studded under liner to dazzling nail paint, this season we’ve seen all things shiny and sparkly, so go ahead be fearless and add some sparkle to your outfit! Obviously, this look will be best recreated at a fashion event or a night out when you’ve decided to go all out.




So are you ready to get with the trends? Tell us your favorite one below!

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Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!


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