Hello Style Bunnies 🙂

How are you all doing? I am so in love with flowers and floral patterns these days. I thought I should try my hands at nail art too. Today I am going to do a nail art tutorial for you all. It is super easy. Read the tutorial and enjoy the pictures.



     Things Required:

  • A base coat (any clear/transparent nail polish)
  • A nail polish for base (I have used maybelline white nail paint)
  • A nail polish for flower print(I have used maybelline Fuschia nail paint)
  • A toothpick (this will serve as a dotting tool)





  • Apply a base coat. A clear base prevent the nails from becoming yellow. If one uses a lot of dark shades then this is a must for them.
  • Apply two coats of white nail polish for opaque finish and let it dry completely. Do not jump to the next step until the white polish is dry. I have used white and Fuschia nail paint.


  • Now make 2-3 round shape dots. I have used fuschia color on white base.


  • To create a flower we will need a toothpick. Take a drop of nail polish on a piece of paper.


  • Now with the pointed tip of the toothpick make small 4-5 C shape letter in a circular form to make a flower.


  • Let the nail art dry completely. Apply a clear nail polish on the top so that you can flaunt your nails for a longer time.

    Points to remember:

  • Apply two coats of white nail polish for a perfect opaque finish.
  • While creating a flower make sure you work on one nail at a time. If you work on more than one nail at a time then dots used for creating the floral pattern will dry up and ruin the look.
  • If by any chance you do a mistake then don’t try to fix it while the nail polish is still wet. let it dry. Take a q-tip and fix it later. If you still cannot fix it then remove the nail polish completely and start from step 1.
  • Always apply a top coat for the nail polish to stay longer. It really looks bad if the nail polish starts leaving the edges. So it is better to apply a top coat .

Did you like this simple white floral nail art? Share your comments below! :)

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Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!


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