DIY Newspaper Night Lamp….

Hello Style Buddies…:)

Here’s A DIY craft project made up of newspaper. We all have bundles of newspaper either we just throw them here and there or we stack them at some place in our home. Making one more additional work every time you clean your home. So here is a quick DIY night lamp made out of waste newspaper. We just need a newspaper and Glue and you are done with a beautiful Night Lamp. It is pocket friendly and makes your room look more cozy.


All you need to make this Lamp shade is Newspaper and Glue, But if you want a better look , You can also use white coloured paper to cover the newspaper tubes or you can paint it when you are done.


  • Roll the tubes using a sheet of newspaper ( fold the big sheet in half and roll). You can use a pencil to roll newspaper and make tubes of same size. Make 100 tubes or as much you require.


  • Using a Glue stick, glue the ends closed.
  • Using the paper colour you desire, cover the tubes.
  • Cut the ends of each tube using scissor to make it look clean at the ends.
  • Start Gluing the tubes together stacking them on top of each other to make the shape.


  • When you are done, fit the lamp shade over a small lamp and you are done!


And your beautiful DIY newspaper Lamp is ready to Flaunt your room.


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