5 ways to use curry leaves for beautiful hair….

curry-leaves-for-hair We all suffer from one or the other hair problems. We spend a lot of money in buying various products, but they are also not effective. Why not to try a natural product which is easily available in our homes and is pocket friendly too. One of the best thing about using natural products are that it doesn’t have any side effect. Curry leaves, the traditional herb that is used in modern and traditional cuisines throughout since years is a very useful remedy for treatments of hair problems. Curry leaves are enriched with calcium, vitamins, phosphorus and iron. Curry leaves are also rich in antioxidants, amino acids and is a rich source of beta-carotene.With some effective household remedies, you can easily get beautiful and shinny hair without spending lot in cosmetics and other expensive hair care products available in the market. So, why can’t we try something that completely available in nature and makes our hair gorgeous and great. So, it’s the time to move with the very handy available curry leaves.

  1. Hair tonic for promoting hair growth: Boil a handful of curry leaves in a small bowl of coconut oil. Once you find a black residue being formed, turn off the flame and let the mixture cool down. The nutrients contained in curry leaves infuse with the goodness of coconut oil to make a wonderful homemade hair tonic. Apply this tonic on your hair and scalp, wait for about an hour and shampoo as usual. This tonic should be used twice every week and within a month you can see significant change in the texture of your hair. This tonic aids luxurious growth of hair.curry leaf side 2

2. Curry leaves hair mask for shiny hair: Mix a tablespoon of curry leaves paste with three tablespoons of yoghurt. Whip them up into a smooth batter and massage your hair as well as scalp with this hair mask. Leave it on and wash off after 30 minutes. Do it once a week to revive dull hair and get smooth and shiny hair instead.1 3. Curry leaves hair mask to treat drandruff: Mix ground curry leaves with a bit of boiled milk and use this hair mask to treat dandruff and stop loss of hair. Use this hair mask every alternate day and leave it on for twenty minutes before you wash off with a mild shampoo.   2all_about_protein_supplements_b

4. Curry leaves for premature hair greying treatment: Mix ½ cup mustard oil with ½ cup almond oil. Add ½ cup curry leaves to the mixture. Warm them together for about fifteen minutes and then allow it to cool. Filter out the liquid and massage your scalp as well as your hair with this oil. Leave it overnight and shampoo the next day. Do it three times a week. This oil treatment helps to treat premature greying of hair.maxresdefault 5. Curry leaves hair rinse: Add ½ cup curry leaves to 2 cups of boiling water. Strain the liquid and allow it to cool down. Use it as the last rinse after you shampoo your hair to add lustre to your hair. It also helps treat frizzy hair.spinach egg curry 017_thumb

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